Series II w/System 3 Fast/Smart Charger.

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Series II w/1000 Lumen LED, Super Premium Battery and System 3 Charger. NSN 6230-01-587-4665  Item # 020227 Includes:

  • 1,000 lumen LED!
  • System 3 charger
  • Purchase 2 oz pepper spray or inert, separately.
•10 7/8 inches long
•21 ounces
•Lumens 1,000
•Three modes: 
High - 90 minutes
Low - 12 hours
Strobe - 90 minutes
•7.2 volt 2500 MAh NiMH Super Premium rechargeable
•Aircraft Aluminum
•Type III Mil Spec Hard Coat Anodized
•System 3 Fast/Smart Charger
Pepper Spray options Sold Separately. 
Pepper Sprays In Stock:
Guardian PD (EID Safe)
5% 2 million SHU
0.67% major capsaicinoid content
Sabre Red (EID Safe)
10% 2 million SHU
1.33% major capsaicinoid content
Inert Practice Spray also available


Improvements include:

  • An adjustable end cap that allows you to index the spray nozzle in whatever position that is most comfortable to the shape and size of your own hands and fingers.
  • A more secure screw/dowel for the end cap safety flipper that smartly snaps back into place whenever your thumb removes from the actuator.
  • Better fitting o-rings that smoothly slide into place as the head bezzle turns securely into place.
  • An improved gripping surface on the flashlight body.
  • Flipper Cap Opens Further to Accomodate Larger Thumbs and Gloves •Improved Switch Seal
  • Easier To Mount In Charger and Remove From Holster •Improved Spray Actuator Functionality
  • More Accurate Spray Nozzle
  • Increased Spring Tension On Flipper Cap by 30%
  • Positive Stop On Flipper Cap For Increased Durability
  • Improved weight Balance Reduces Fatigue