October 09, 2020

Why purchase a D.A.D.®️ 2 for $130 rather than a can of pepper spray for $15?

I could tell you all the technical reasons surrounding how the D.A.D.®️ 2 addresses “attack dynamics” and there are many. 

However, sometimes it’s best to explain with a story.

First is the story of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department study with 500 TigerLights at three patrol stations and a jail. The study also compared TigerLight technology with another flashlight/pepper spray combo as well as the department’s own belt carried pepper spray.

First of all, the overall “stop rate” of the TigerLight far exceeded that of the pepper spray and the other pepper spray flashlight combo with over 96% total effectiveness, nearly double the others. Additionally, the deputies said they were able to use the device in more than double the number of situations because of its in-hand carry, dual use as a flashlight and speed of response, as well as its stealth nature. They also attributed it to saving at least 4 to 6 individual’s lives due to its ability to be used in place of lethal force in situations in which other non-lethal devices would not have been able to be used in the situation.

That next story is about a large department back in New Jersey, the Passaic County Sheriff’s department. Their belt carried spray was below 50%, which they attributed to a high use of pain killing PCP in the area. TigerLights, over a four year period, did not have a single failure to stop, leading them to believe we were putting something illegal in the pepper spray itself, but learned that it was the unique, stealth method of deployment which enables the spray to have a far greater physiological impact on those who were pain impaired by from PCP. The result was far greater effectiveness in addition to the fact that it was able to be used in many situations in which belt carried pepper spray or other devices, would not of been able to be used.

The third story is about a young, nearly 18 year old girl who was working as a nanny in Italy. While returning from a sight-seeing trip in Naples with another nanny, they were violently attacked. With no training, she was still able to immediately incapacitate the attacker  while sending a GPS location alert to people, including her parents 6000 miles away, in real time, giving them her exact location and time of attack, which could have been life-saving information if the bad guys had successfully abducted her and her friend.

The last story is about myself. I ride my mountain bike up in the surrounding mountains nearly every day. We know that there are wild animals, many of them, including cougars. Now cougars do not attack very often, but when they do, it as often fatal. They are very stealth in their method of attack and attack with great speed and power, giving us a split second to respond. I know that the reality is that if I don’t have the ability to respond in a split second, whatever device I have, won’t help. The difference between having this device on my hand during these mountain biking trips is enormous. The increased level of enjoyment is very significant.

So, if this reality and knowledge is worth $130 to you, your choice is easy. Well, it should be a lot easier, at least.

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