Voted TOP 20 Most Innovative Products

- Bluetooth SIG
  • 5 Mode Polycarbonate 150 lumen LED Light with AA Battery and Metalized Finish. Only 4.6 Ounces.
  • Built-in Custom Bluetooth Module with Long-Life Lithium Battery.
  • Military Strength Pepper Spray with Stealth Delivery Stops Even Drug-Impaired Attackers
  • Practice Spray Canister and Free Self-Defense Training Videos Online
  • Comfortable Hand Strap for “Fingers Free" Carry. Great for In-Hand Carry While Hiking, Jogging and Even Mountain Biking.
  • D.A.D.® App Activated by Bluetooth Module Sends GPS Location Alert Via Text, Email and App to App Contacts Anywhere in the World and to Any App Users Within a One Mile Radius.

"Having the D.A.D.® is far better than having a can of pepper spray. It doesn't even compare. It is the best non-lethal self-defense device in the world... PERIOD!"

- Gary Powell, Police Sergeant & Trainer

Protection Around the World

Independently powered Bluetooth module inside D.A.D.® activates mobile app sending GPS Danger Alert, worldwide to friends and family via app, email and text.

"I hate to think what would have happened without it." Kortney Blatter Attack Survivor and D.A.D.® carrier

Danger Alert

The Danger Alert goes anywhere in the world to those select individuals in your app contacts.

Crowd Alert

The Crowd Alert goes to anyone with the free D.A.D.® app who is within one mile of you when you send an alert, alerting people in the best position to help.

OK Alert

The OK Alert enables you to let everyone know you are OK after an alert is sent. Only possible with your secret 4 digit pin.

Test Alert

The Test Alert on the Alert page let's you test the app and the device without alerting others.

Sends Alerts On Demand

A meticulously engineered combination alert and spray actuator allows user to alert with or without releasing the spray and while simultanesously operating the 5-mode light without moving the thumb.

Fear-Proof Operation

The 5-mode light button is positioned relative to the spray actuator such that the user can easily operate the light with the thumb knuckle while the thumb tip operates the alert and the spray, requiring no fine motor skills.

Protective Cover

The slide and latch cover helps prevent the spray/alert actuator from being pressed while giving quick, easy access to the spray and battery. A convenient, inexpensive AA (rechargeable or non-rechargeable) replaceable battery powers the 5-mode CREE LED.

Long Life Battery

The concealed Bluetooth module remains in rest mode until activated by pressing the spray/alert actuator, then sends for one minute, activating the app on Apple or Android cell phones. It has been tested to 6,000 activations using the long life 3V Lithium CR1632 cell battery.

Replaceable Practice Canister Included

The Practice Canister enables you to test the functionality and feel of the device and also practice mock attack scenarios without using real pepper spray.

A Flash for Everything

The D.A.D.'s® 5-mode flashlight includes a 3-second panic mode, high, low, constant strobe and SOS.

Secure Hand Strap

The thermal injection molded rubber hand strap fits all sizes and makes it easy to have the D.A.D.® in hand when needed and remain in hand and operable in a sudden, physical attack.

Bluetooth Calls for Help

The concealed Bluetooth module remains in rest mode until activated by pressing the spray/alert actuator, then sends for one minute, activating the app on Apple or Android cell phones.

"I love my new D.A.D.®! I can feel confident leaving work and walking to my car late at night. I also purchased one for my teen niece and I am glad to know that help is only a button push away if she needs it. Thank you so much for creating this product!"

- Emma Nelson

"I purchased four of these devices as Christmas gifts for my daughters and granddaughters. The training provided by Gloria Marcott for us and our friends on January 1st topped it off."

- Steven Shaw

"The D.A.D.® is one of the very best self defense items a person can carry with them. It is light weight, convenient and packs a serious punch of self defense. Every family member carries a D.A.D.® I highly recommend to every person. 5 star!"

- Christopher Bailey

If you have any doubt about whether this product is your best choice for personal protection, I invite you to call with any question or concern you might have. I 100% guarantee that you will absolutely love this product and if, for any reason, you get it and are not absolutely thrilled, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

Michael Teig President and CEO of TigerLight, Inc. Maker of the D.A.D.®